Hi, I'm Andrew.

I’d like to warmly welcome you to my website and thank you for taking the time to see if I’m the right Counsellor for you. I also thank you for having the courage to reach out for help. It’s never too late.

More About Me

Australia has been my home for the past 17 years and Port Macquarie for the last 3 years. Originally from England, I settled here for good after living for a few years in New Zealand.

I have had a lifelong interest in psychology and mental health. I have an enduring curiosity of why we behave, say and think the things we do. It runs in the family too as my Dad was a grief counsellor for people and families suffering from the the devastating effects of cancer.

Many years before I was a Counsellor, I worked in Employment Relations for a company back in England. I helped mediate and advise managers and staff on resolving conflict and repairing working relationships. Balancing the needs of trade unions with the needs of the company helped hone my skills in mediation, psychological understanding and helping people find clarity and compromise.

After that, I sought a more personal approach of healing through remedial massage, helping people overcome the injuries, physical trauma and chronic pain that afflicted them. Within the treatment room, I developed my empathy, compassion and ability to hold the space for people in a vulnerable state. I would often feel like a counsellor or psychologist as people shared their suffering with me.

This led me to return to university and get my Masters degree in counselling. I wanted to help people on an emotional and psychological level and have the right tools and evidence-based approaches to help. To sit with someone in their pain and life challenges, helping them process, heal and overcome obstacles is a humbling experience every day. I hope you too can trust me to help you with the difficulties you’re currently going through.

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